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I was initiated in gobelin art 1981 in the autumn. Till now I sewed over 150 gobelins. From 2004 I realize myself, using a computer special soft, patterns for unique gobelins.

My gobelins collection could be admired with the opportunity of many exhibitions.

Elena Zidaru

Elena Zidaru

The first exhibition took place between 5-8 march 1999 in the Central Hotel hall from Piatra Neamt, and it was organized at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry invitation.

Second exhibition had varnished in 2002, October 17, and it was organized by TopArt Gallery from Piatra Neamt. The exhibition was presented by the art critic Lucian Strochi and concluded on 15 november 2002.

Between 6-13 march 2003 took place the third gobelins exhibition at G.T. Kirileanu library in Piatra Neamt. The exhibition was organized by Neamt County Council through the Directorate of Art and Culture of Neamt County.

In August 2003 I founded the “The Gobelin and Handicraft Art” association with the aim to participate to internal and international exhibitions and fairs.

The association had the main interest to promotte the gobelin tapestry as art. I would like to determine all passionate gobelin tapestry workers to sew only gobelins UNICAT. That’s why I offer to members free of charge 2 unique designs every year , and the possibility to post on my site 5 models worked by them. Those who wish to enroll must take into account the fact that the membership is not a guarantee for selling tapestries, but we will do everything we can to be present where possible – the national and international fairs and exhibitions.

From 2004 April 24 to May 2 I participated to the International Fair ” Art ” from Florence, Italy, opportunity with which I was invited to participate at the International Fair from Milano (The biggest suchlike from world)” AF – l’Artigiano in fiera, “ what deploys yearly in month of December.

At the Neamt County Chamber of Commerce and Industry invitation, I participated to the International Fair Bucharest, which took place in period 1- 6 June 2004.

Also in June month of 2004, in period 25-27, I was exhibitor at “Big Summer Fair of National Museum of Village, Dimitrie Gusti ” – Bucharest.

With the aid of Neamt County Council and the ” G.T.Kirileanu ” library, in period 17- 30 November 2004, the “ The Gobelin and Handicraft Art” association organized in hall Cupola of G.T.Kirileanu Library, a exhibition presented by the President of Culture Commission , the art critic Cristian Livescu.

The Senate of Romania housed me a personal exhibition in 2005 form June 3 to June 31.

Between 3- 31 March 2007, the Art Museum from Roman of Neamt County, invited me to display over 100 gobelins. The varnish took place on March 8 and it was held by the teacher artist Iosif Haidu and teacher Minodora Ursache.

To promote my last original gobelins in my town, the Central Hotel housed me an exhibition from 15 to 20 June 2007.

At the invitation of Art Gallery Grand Hotel Traian Iasi, I exposed part of my collection of tapestry , whose patterns are unique. The exhibition was titled “Famous Portraits” and was open from September 30 to October 2, 2010.

Between May 30 to June 2, 2013 I had the honor and pleasure to participate , along with some of the members of the Association of Gobelin and Handycraft Art at TIBCO 2013. Participation in the international exhibition was made possible thanks to the invitation to be a partner in organizing the event, offered by the leadership Romexpo whom we thanks again for the opportunity to exhibit at this very important fair.

Exposure conditions and facilities offered by Romexpo Bucharest led us to join and participate in Antique Market 2013 17-21 September. Our presence at the fair was a success from all points of view ( see also diploma ) . We want to perpetuate our presence in this exhibition and we will participate at the third edition wich will take place on 5-8 December 2013.

Association filed the necessary documentation to participate to the first edition of the National Arts and Crafts Fair organized by the Romanian Government from 16 to 20 October 2013 in the Romexpo Exhbition Complex in Bucharest. After the evaluation and selection process the Gobelin Art anf Hanycraft Association was selected to participate at this fair .

To promote this art, I intend to participate to international and internal exhibitions and in this aim I search sponsors and contributors to cover a part of expenses, offering them in exchange, advertisement on my site and in the exhibition framework.

The cultural activity complete

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